Navigate is a verb that means plan and direct the route or course of a ship, aircraft, or other form of transportation, especially by using instruments or maps. In ancient times and not a long time ago humans navigated by the fix stars and moving planets.
An other way to elucidate towards the reference above is that we, as humans, are intrinsically connected to the cosmos. The Stars, Sun, Moon and the Planets influence the Earth. The Chinese called it the “cosmic breath” and modern scientist called it electromagnetic spectrum.
We are all part of the Universe laws of space and time.
Based on human life, and man there by becomes that he is interwoven with the Cosmo, World and Nature in a threefold way. First is one that he finds present, that he accepts as a given fact. Second, he makes the world into his own affair, into something that has meaning for him. Third he regards as a goal towards which he ought unceasingly to strive. How can we bring this process to consciousness and therefore obtain our freedom to strive as human being?

NAVIGATING YOUR COURSE is a work where we study life phases, the rhythms of the cosmos, nature’s role in our lives and the evolution of consciousness. We transport this into your living environment as an echo of your true self.
Biography and Social Art activities explore themes pertaining to all humanity, as well as those belonging to an individual’s unique life journey.

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